Visma Business

VB - To unlock a process in Visma Business

To unlock a process in Visma Business

Stand in the table where you have the locked process

At the bottom, check the box for ”Control columns”

In the left box, scroll down to the key P, and mark “process no”

Press OK

There should be a number in the field, put the marker in the field, and press Ctrl +Shift+Del, and the number shall disappear.

The locked process is now unlocked, and you can continue to work.

Have you unlocked for a co-worker, he/she must first press shift+F, before he/she can continue to work.


note 1
should the above note work, one reason could be that you do not have access to unlock processes

note 2
if you dont have a number in the table you are in, then you have to be a “detective”, and look in related mother/sibling tables.
For instance, no locked process in the voucher table, look in the batch table. 
no locked process in the orderline table, look in the order table 

Note 3
if this dont work, then the lock maybe have to be unlocked via SQL. Locked processes can also emerge through triggers/functions, so please check those also.

Note 4
if you work on a MAC, then you have to press Ctrl + Shift + Fn + Backspace to unlock processes in Visma Business