Svenska institutet - Enhanced International Relations with Sugar Sell and Sugar Market

Svenska institutet (SI) is a governmental agency with the mission of increasing the trust and interest in Sweden from around the world. With a vast amount of personal data, they needed a system that would meet their requirements. Today, Svenska institutet utilizes SugarCRM system to enhance relationship building with prospective international students and alumni.

Study in Sweden is one of the focus areas of the Swedish Institute, responsible for promoting Sweden as a top destination for international students. This initiative is designed to attract individuals from around the world who are interested in pursuing a Bachelor's or Master's degree abroad. Another important aspect of the Swedish Institute's work is building alumni relations, with the aim of cultivating long-term connections with former scholarship recipients and participants in their leadership programs.

"There was no possibility to filter data or work with it in a structured manner."

Jan-Frederic Buss | Project Manager - Svenska institutet. 


Searching for a system that met their requirements

The most important aspect for the Swedish Institute was finding a solution that met their needs, which SugarCRM did. They were also looking for a strong collaboration and a partner who could assist in developing a scalable solution.

"As a government agency, we adhere to LOU regulations and after careful evaluation, we found that Exsitec/Crayon offered the best proposal. SugarCRM met all our requirements, and we were impressed with your team throughout the entire process."

Jan-Frederic Buss | Project Manager - Svenska institutet. 


Sales and marketing solution

The solution for the Swedish Institute includes the products SugarSell and SugarMarket. With these, they have the ability to store personal data in one system and easily filter out individuals based on different segments or their interactions with SI. Since the customer journey is integrated into the system, they can link leads to their marketing efforts, providing SI with opportunities they did not have before.

"Now we have a comprehensive overview of all contacts and leads, enabling us to work more strategically and data-driven."

Jan-Frederic Buss | Project Manager - Svenska institutet. 


Notable changes in the work

The Swedish Institute acknowledges that the project has laid a solid foundation that will make a significant difference in the future. The most remarkable change they experience is the ability to have all their contacts in a single system. This eliminates the need to work with multiple systems and functionalities, making their work easier and "…also much more secure from a privacy perspective," says project manager Jan-Frederic Buss - Swedish Institute.

Highly satisfied with the collaboration with Exsitec

The Swedish Institute is highly satisfied with the opportunity to customize the system according to their needs and the collaboration with Exsitec. As a government agency with a non-sales focus, their requirements were slightly different than usual. "We truly feel that we have received the help and support throughout the journey, both in tailoring, implementing, and managing the system. Exsitec has truly assisted us in adapting it to our needs."

"We truly feel that we have received exceptional assistance and support throughout the journey, from customizing and implementing the system to managing it. Exsitec has truly been instrumental in tailoring it to perfectly fit our needs."

Jan-Frederic Buss | Project Manager - Svenska institutet. 


Future Plans

Currently, the system is being piloted with two of the departments at the Swedish Institute. Looking ahead, they envision expanding the solution to encompass the entire organization.


"We are currently in the implementation phase and are pleased with how the process has unfolded and our ongoing collaboration. We are excited for the future work, especially when we extend the system to more departments at SI."

Jan-Frederic Buss | Project Manager - Svenska institutet.

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