Medius AP Automation along with IFS

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Medius AP Automation - IFS

Medius AP Automation along with IFS

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IFS Applications is a competent ERP-system used worldwide by several companies. Together with the electronic invoice management system Medius AP Automation, you can automate the majority of your supplier invoices and create a touchless workflow.



The benefits by implementing IFS with Medius

Increased control of the workflow of supplier invoices
Greater opportunities for automation and streamlining
Reduced manual labor



Medius AP Automation

Medius AP Automation is a system for electronic invoice management, in which you can customize your invoice workflow to minimize the human interaction. By using the matching system within Medius you can, with high accuracy, match invoices to the purchase order on line level.



IFS Applications

IFS Applications consist of multiple applications that are possible to combine in a way that suits your business. Each application has a set of components completely integrated with each other, some of which are IFS Financials, Human resources, Sales and Service as well as Projects that offer solutions in the daily administrative work.



Novacura flow

Novacura Flow® synchronizes the systems and integration to ease both use and monitoring.

Seamless integration between the systems

Together with Novacura, Exsitec has developed an integration between IFS and Medius AP Automation. 

The integration is based on Novacura’s platform Flow and has made it possible to achieve an integration containing multiple standard components for booking of expense invoices as well as matching of order based invoices to purchase orders between IFS and Medius APA.

As of today, IFS versions are supported from version 8 to the latest version. For any previous versions this can be handled but is not included in the standard offer regarding integration.

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